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How we made our Gingerbread men

gingerbread men

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She said yes!!!


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Gingerbread protest


Sunshines stepped up their campaign of persuasion on Friday by staging a demonstration for Miss Doherty to help change her mind about making gingerbread men.  We made posters and then paraded around Early Years and the KS1 playground to get our message heard.

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Sunshines become animators!

We found a great song for helping us to learn the numbers that add up to make 10.  We love the song, but we thought the video was difficult to see so we decided to make our first animation to go with the song.  We hope you like it!  We are very proud of it.  It took us a very long time and we had to be very careful when we were taking the photos.

Here are the animators in action:

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Gingerbread letters

We are using the Gingerbread Man story to help us with our learning this week.  We asked Mrs Williams if we could make Gingerbread Men too.  Mrs Williams said no, because the school is a Healthy School and the rules in Early Years mean that we cannot cook anything that has so much sugar in it, as we need to look after our teeth.

We thought and thought and we decided we would each write a letter to Miss Doherty (Early Years Leader) to see if she would change her mind.  We thought of lots of good reasons and wrote our letters to try to persuade her.

We thought we could put in less sugar, and maybe use some honey instead.  We thought we could decorate them with fruit.  We thought that cooking gingerbread men would be great for our learning as we could learn to cook, and we could also learn how to write the instructions for how to make them (the recipe).  Some of us decided to try to make Miss Doherty happy by telling her how much we love her, and we also promised to give her a gingerbread man if we were allowed to make some!

Mrs Williams thought our writing was fantastic, so did Miss Doherty.   Miss Doherty says she is going to go home and think hard about it tonight and write us a reply tomorrow.  We can’t wait to find out if we have changed her mind!

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Sunshines’ Andy Goldsworthy sculptures in Fryent Country Park

We looked at Andy Goldsworthy photographs of 3D Art made from natural objects.  When we went to Fryent Country Park today we gathered natural objects and made our own 3D Art.  We learnt really well together as teams – we thought of our own ideas and made them together.

We put buttercups into the holes in this log to make it really beautiful.

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We worked together to make our sculpture.  We thought it looked like a nest, a box and a house.

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Lots more sculptures…

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Mrs Walker’s art.

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Which is your favourite?


Number sentences challenge

blog video still

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We made a city!

3 of us made a city out of 3D shapes, then we wrote a label for our model.

Here is the label – the writing is fantastic!


We made and used a hexagonal prism, a pyramid and lots of cubes and cuboids.  We even made and used a dodecahedron!  Do you know which one that is?

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Really big numbers!

We have been finding out about really big numbers.  3 children from Sunshines started writing numbers and then decided to find the biggest number that they could read.   Look at these photos of their numbers!  They also learnt how to write down a quarter, a half and were finding out how to write some other very small numbers called fractions.

What is the biggest number you can see?

Here are some more pictures of when they were investigating….

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We also love this big number song – do you like it?

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The Sunshines return…

Hi everyone (especially F2!)

We are back!

We are really sorry that we haven’t blogged since March 😦

We hope to be blogging again properly very soon.  In the mean time, here are two of our favourite songs at the moment – they are helping us to learn our doubles facts.  F2 – have you heard these songs before?  We hope you like them as much as we do!



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